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Welcome to Universal Transport

At Universal Transport we have been serving logistics needs for over two decades, during which we’ve discovered ways to improve transportation coordination improving your bottom line.  We understand our customers need to concentrate their resources on their core business.  We’re the best at what we do and our service is the best in the business.

Jill Daigle
President, CEO
Universal Transport, Inc.

Our Mission

Deal fairly with customers and carriers alike.

Adhere to honesty and integrity to generally accepted principles of professional conduct.

Not engage in any practice which tends to corrupt the integrity of the transportation brokerage industry or process of government.

Not intentionally communicate false or misleading information concerning financial, ethical, and professional business background.

Make proper, just and prompt payment for all contractual obligations.

Abide by all lawful agreements to which it is a party, including all agreements with shippers and carriers.

Improve our individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the transportation brokerage profession through continuing education.

Subscribe to and offer to the public a uniform and consistent service in arranging motor transportation of property.

Protect the interest of the shipping public as the Congress of the United States originally intended in 1935, as amended in 1980.

Promote greater productivity of motor transport.

Our Services

U.T.I. arranges and verifies all pick up and delivery appointments, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. 

standard operating policy requires verbal contact with each assigned driver. This is to insure that the driver receives any special instructions given by the customer.

U.T.I. supplies daily verbal and/or written trace reports to its customers for all long haul loads. 

stays in continuous contact with all customers regarding the coverage status and progress of their loads.

U.T.I. provides reliable and qualified customer service round the clock.

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Our Customers

Allied Metals prides itself on responding to our customers needs, even if it is a HOT order, and getting them their material when they need it.  We could not live up to these standards if it weren’t for the effort of the people at UTI.  They are professional, courteous, and work with a since of urgency (which is vital for our business).  We made UTI our logistics partner several years ago and have never regretted the move.  They have kept up with our growth and brought back savings every year.  We look forward to working with UTI as we continue to grow our business and face new logistic challenges.
Tom Donnelly
Operations Manager
Allied Metals Corporation

"Movement of inventory from our Main Distribution Center to our shipping locations is the life blood of Broder Bros. We rely heavily on UTI to make this happen and they always accommodate our operation beyond what you would expect from a normal Transportation Logistics Company. From spotting trailers in our yard to daily activity reports, Dan and his efficient dispatching staff seem to go the extra mile to satisfy our logistic needs. The work UTI has performed over the last year has helped make Broder Bros. a better company."

Dan Ferree, Branch Manager

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